Timeless Chaos

Timeless Chaos

G'day and welcome to Timeless Chaos - a music show featuring the latest and classic alternative tracks with some excellent music trivia and other fun stuff thrown in. Catch up with me over here on the East Coast of the USA and discover some amazing new music and bask in the heavenly afterglow of your favorites from years gone by. Guaranteed to have some Aussie flavor added to just spice it up a little too!

New Episode Available

S3 - Episode 2 - Boy Swallows Universe

If you loved the soundtrack to the hit Netflix series, Boy Swallows Universe then this is the episode for you. It's an all Aussie feast of music! 

An Australian spinning discs in the USA

Louis J L Fullagar

Aussie Dad, Podcaster, Digital Marketing Pro, Photographer, Musician, Skater, Event Manager, Blogger, Transplant Survivor and Drinker of Tea.

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What People Are Saying

Delightful find

This pod has renewed the thrill of discovering new and โ€œnew-to-meโ€ music and revealing old favs. Great mix of song/artist background info, host commentary and tunes. The host enjoys his work and it shows.


Great podcast. Name says it all. Great mix of discussions and music ranging from my era (80s) though to new sounds and bands of today.

Great listen

I've found some new favorites on this pod as well as revisiting some music I had forgotten about. Great mix of chat and music.